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    For us quality means  guaranteeing long lasting and optimal wearing comfort for many years. This is why only carefully chosen and high quality materials and fabrics are used.
    However, nobody's perfect. All our garments are made by people who rarely but sometimes make mistakes. Therefore we grant one year guarantee for all production and material defects.
    On top of that we offer a service for repairs. Small defects, like a torn seam, are repaired fast and at low cost, so that you can enjoy wearing your Cocoon product for another long time.

    Important note for our warranty:
    We offer warranty on material and production defects. This does not include a natural wearout of materials, inappropriate usage or bleaching caused by UV-light. Our care instructions [link] need to be followed, otherwise warranty cannot be granted for resulting defects.

    A certain degree of wearout or pilling  can occur depending on individual usage, treatment and care of products. However this does not affect functionality. Especially very thin or soft functional fabrics (particularly microfibre) are much more sensitive than e.g. everyday wear made of cotton.
    Friction with harsh materials, belts, Velcro or similar should therefore be thoroughly avoided.

    If you want to claim a product, please refer to our information for Returns & Exchanges. [Link]