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    COCOON products are made of high-quality functional fabrics that require careful treatment. To ensure that you can enjoy wearing your Cocoon product for a long time, please consider following care instructions:

    • Rinse your clothing with clear water after usage in chlorine water or after your training.
    • This helps to conserve the technical features of the product (especially the water repellency)
    • Wash your clothing gently at 30°C using a delicate program or according to the care label
    • Do not use any softeners. Fabrics will thereby lose their technical features
    • Use mild detergent or special detergent for functional fabrics
    • Hang up wet clothing to avoid bleeding
    • Do not hang up your washing in direct sunlight as fabrics can bleach out
    • Clothing with white applications should always be washed separately for the first time using a delicate program at 30° to avoid discoloring
    • Always wash white clothing separately from colored and black clothing
    • Pay attention to friction with rough materials like straps or Velcro fasteners. They can cause pilling on your clothing. The softer the fabric, the more sensitive it usually is

    Please contact our customer service if you are uncertain about the care of your product or if you have any questions!