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    "There is no group, no huge profit-gaining company behind COCOON, but people who are living their dream to create an independent clothing label. Clothing with high quality and functionality as well as unique design."






    IT'S TOUGH TO BE FAST...  to be good looking is easier!

    COCOON is helping you with well-shaped sports clothing, high quality and functionality as well as style. Visit one of our shops, retailers and partners and take a look at our new collection or find an outfit for your next sporting challenge. No time to come around? Stay online and order your new favorite piece fast and simple in our webshop.


    Inspired by its protective function, its natural beauty and the quality of its fine threads that have been used for more than 5000 years to produce high quality fabrics, the cocoon has been chosen for the name of our brand. Hence products of COCOON are wrapping your body like a cocoon giving it a soft, imperceptible but highly functional cover.




    THE PERFECT SYNTHESIS...   of function & fashion

    Already in 2004 when the company was founded its mission was clear. COCOON sportswear has to be a perfect synthesis of function and fashion - defined by ergonomics, functionality, durability and high, uncompromising quality standards.

    Highest quality and functionality is presumed and perceived as COCOON-Standard. On top of this we offer modern and innovative design with a lot of "lifestyle" to our customers which is why our products are not only sports clothes but are also proudly worn in everyday life.



    SUSTAINABILITY IS NOT A TARGET... which needs to be achieved but an attitude, a conviction, a principle that shall lead us.

    From product development to procurement short transport distances are important. We buy our materials in Europe and pay attention to only choose tested, non-toxic fabrics. As an Austrian company we use European resources exclusively and refuse to produce in Far East on principle.

    Also our product design is sustainable. We don't want to create a sensory overload with our portfolio but want to offer products that make sense. For us this means to keep pace with the changing trends without exchanging  colors and products every season.

    COCOON's core competences - Research and Development, Concept and Design, Product Testing and Quality Control - are well grounded in our home country Austria. We rely on European production competences  and  ensure a fair and friction less production process.